1 discover-my-majorとは

discover key bindings and their meaning for the current Emacs major mode
Discover key bindings and descriptions for commands defined by a buffer’s
major and minor modes. The command is inspired by discover.el and also uses
the makey library. The output is pretty bare bones and not optimized but it
seems to work already quite well for most modes.


2 インストール環境とソフトウェアのバージョン

OS:Debian Buster(testing)
Emacs Package:emacs-gtk(Version: 1:25.2+1-11)

3 インストール

apt-get install elpa-discover-my-major

4 設定

`C-h C-m`が他のソフトのキーバインディングで上書き


(global-set-key (kbd "C-h M-m") 'discover-my-major)
(global-set-key (kbd "C-h M-S-M") 'discover-my-mode)

5 スクリーンショット

6 参考文献